Youda Farmer 2 Save the Village

Youda Farmer 2: Save the Village, offers you a great new farming adventure! The Big Boss destroyed almost everything, so it’s up to you to rebuild it all. Earn and invest your money wisely, The Big Boss will grab every opportunity to execute his evil plans!

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Antiques Roadshow

Bir tarih öğretmeni olan Julia bir antika mağazası için çalışmak üzere işe alınmıltır.kayıp eşyalar ve resimler arasında boğuşurken dükkan ve sahibi Mr. Hinton hakkındaki hikaye de şekillenecektir.236.33 mb.

Following the popular PBS television series, the charming new Hidden Object game includes 30 visually stunning locations with hundreds of antique items. The player guides Julia, a history teacher hired at an antiques shop, through an adventure of lost items and photos as she pieces together the story behind the shop and its owner, Mr. Hinton. As Julia finds the objects, a backstory unfolds revealing its historical significance.236.33 mb

Mystery Valley

Mystery Valleyde süregelen cinayetleri araştıran FBI ajanı rolündesiniz.Davaya derinlemesine gömüldükçe tahmin ettiğinizin ötesinde bu cinayetlerle aranızda bir bağ olduğunu göreceksiniz.157.3 mb.

A rash of murders has struck, and it’s up to you as an FBI agent to find the murderer in Mystery Valley, a dark and spooky Hidden Object game! Explore an eerie mansion and find clues and the motive behind the murders. As you dive deeper in the case, you realize that you’re more connected to the murders than you ever would have imagined.157.3 mb

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Cursed House

Marble popper denen tarzdaki bu oyunda şeytani güçlerle kuşatılmış bir evi o ruhlardan kurtarmak sizin elinizde.55.5 mb.

Banish the evil spirits from the house that is cursed and possessed by ancient evil creatures! Save the Cursed House using your Match 3 skills, and ward off the ghosts! Gather magic power for an ancient amulet, and use its power to restore the house to its former beauty. Match up the different objects and save the day in Curse House!55.5 mb
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Great Secrets 2 Nostradamus

Discover the Elixir of Eternal Youth as you join the great Michel Nostradamus on his adventures and unravel Great Secrets! Travel through the pages of Nostradamus’s diary, and meet the famous people of his epoch. Enrich yourself with new knowledge and learn about the world around you in this fantastic Hidden Object game. Discover the secrets hidden in Nostradamus’s prophecies and much more in Great Secrets: Nostradamus!45.6 mb

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Great Secrets Da Vinci

Play the part of the great Leonardo da Vinci! Embark on an exciting life-long adventure through his diary, where you will discover great mysteries within its pages, meet famous people of his time, find new knowledge, and possibly discover the secret of the Philosophers Stone; which can turn anything to gold! Dont miss the opportunity to visit the most distant, secret, inaccessible or long-vanished places reflected in the pages of da Vincis diary! Enjoy your travels!15.2 MB

Haunted Halls Green Hills Sanitarium Collectors Edition

Explore a decrepit mental asylum and find your missing boyfriend in Haunted Halls – Green Hills Sanitarium! After hearing about some wrong doings at the asylum, your boyfriend, Tim, takes off to conduct an investigation of his own. As Tim dives deeper and deeper into the mystery, his letters to you abruptly stop coming. Set off to the Haunted Halls and find him in this incredible Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!462.5 mb

Mystery of the Earl

Lillian’s fiancé, Christian, has been kidnapped by an evil witch right before the wedding! Christian has been tricked and double-crossed and now needs Lillian’s help to escape from the wretched witch. Lillian travels to his estate to find it in shambles and under the influence of a sleeping spell. With the help of the Fairy Queen, it’s up to you to solve the Mystery of the Earl in this fun and exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!213.8 mb

Nancy Drew Shadow at The Waters Edge

Serinin 23 cü oyununda nancy japonyada kaldığı geleneksel konuk evinde bazı hayalet olayları gözlemler. Ve tatili bir kabusa dönüşür.Hayalet peşinde olduğu intikamı almadan ona engel olmak ve gerçekleri su üstüne çıkarmak üzere nancy rolünde sizlere iş düşüyor.1 GB

Nancy Drew heads for Japan where she's staying at a traditional ryokan (inn) for a little R&R with Bess and George, but when reports of a vengeful ghost start scaring away the guests, Nancy's vacation takes a turn for terror! It'll be up to you, as Nancy Drew, to un-cover the secret that lies beneath the surface, before the ghost can take its revenge!1 GB
partları değişmeli olarak indirilebilirsiniz.Oyun açılmazsa direct x ve grafik kartınızı güncelleyin.

Farm Tribe

Anny ile birlikte bir çiftlik kurun ve aynı zamanda bir Maya kabilesinin sırrını çözün.
57 mb.
Help Anny organize a farm and solve the mystery of Mayan's tribe! Hire workers, take care of them and improve their professional skills. Cook delightful dishes from grown organic products and earn money selling them. Build, decorate and expand your farm to attract new customers in this fun and exciting Strategy game. Use your profits to make your Farm Tribe the absolute best!57 mb.

Haunted Domains

Sheila Sullivan ile birlikte otelinizi dekore edip yöneteceğiniz yeni bir dash oyunu.98 mb.

Guide Sheila Sullivan as she checks in guests, serves dinner, cleans rooms, and performs special tasks in an effort to keep her ghoulish guests happy. Unlock magical upgrades that make Sheila work faster, decorate your hotels to suit your guests’ macabre tastes, and enlist the help of Igor the bellhop when things get out of hand. Finally, take your earnings and restore a rundown garden to its former glory.98 mb
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Campfire Legends 2 The Babysitter

Parasal ihtiyaç içinde olan Lisa bir gazete ilanına bebek bakıcılığı için baş vurur.Kolay para kazanacağını umduğu gece en kötü kabuslarının yer aldığı bir hale dönüşür.349.5 mb

Discover the hair-raising tale of another frightening night with Campfire Legends: The
Babysitter, the highly anticipated sequel in the hit hidden object horror series presented by Sandlot Games! Lisa is in need of some extra money so she responds to a newspaper ad asking for a babysitter. What sounds like easy money soon turns into the most terrifying night of her life as chilling circumstances take shape, heightened by the threats of a macabre caller. Is this all just a sordid prank, or is her worst fear about to come true?349.5 mb

Tulula Legend of a Volcano

Tulula: Legend of a Volcano — Once upon a time on an island far away, a gentle tribe lived in peace and harmony. But one day an evil spirit broke free and wreaked havoc on their happy life: He put a curse on all of them! Only one member escaped the evil spell – you, the chosen one. Now it’s up to you to save your tribe!188.2 mb

Sinister City

Vampirlerle dolu bir kasabada karısı Ninayı kurtarması için Johna yardımcı olun.Astral düzleme seyahat edip vampirlerin en kötüsü Kont Orlaktan sevdiğini kurtarmasını sağlayın.120.8 mb

Help John explore a Sinister City and save his wife, Nina, from vicious vampires! Travel to the astral plane and save your love from the most powerful and evil vampire of them all, Count Orlak. Solve perplexing puzzles and explore ancient castle corridors in this creepy Adventure game.120.8 mb

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İki oyun bir arada. Düz hidden olup aralarda zor olmayan mini bulmacalarla bezeli iki ayrı oyun birliktedir.165 mb

It's a game you've never played before! It's an unforgetable mix of thrilling adventures, the most absorbing story line, enigmatic characters, Egyptian symbolism and Tibetan spirit. You have only 3 days to save the world, to find all parts of the powerfull amulet and catch the criminals!Don't stop for a minute, a busy time is coming: Tibet with its fascinating shrines, archeological dig in Egypt, mysterious Stonehenge are places you should visit if you're going to unravel all the secrets! Help a super detective - Anna - to solve the riddle and save the amulet...or the world will be rulled by the villain!165 mb

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Bloodline of the Fallen: Anna's Sacrifice [FINAL]

Annanın babası cinayete kurban gittiğinde geçmişindeki cevaplanmamış soruları ortaya çıkarması gerekecektir. İnsan ruhunun karanlıklarında kötü bir kadere doğru yolculuğu başlayacaktır.208 mb.

The depths of the human soul hides dark secrets...When Anna's father is murdered, uncomfortable truths come to light that call her past into question and propel her headlong into a confrontation with her dark destiny.208 mb

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Nancy Drew: The Haunting of Castle Malloy

Join Nancy Drew in The Haunting of Castle Malloy! Help everyone's favorite teenage sleuth unveil a Ghostly Legend and Find a Vanished Groom in Join Nancy Drew: The Haunting of Castle Malloy.
Nancy Drew's friend, Kyler Mallory, has lost her fiance! Was he snatched by the banshee rumored to haunt the castle, or just nervous? Catch more than the bouquet in Nancy Drew: Haunting of Castle Malloy!782 mb

Mystery Legends Phantom Of The Opera Premium Edition [FINAL]

You'll be entranced by the sumptuous score, the haunting romance and the timeless story of seduction and despair.The Phantom of the Opera, which if you've read the book or seen the musical has its share of lurid subject matter.328 MB

*Find the lost objects
*Solve thrilling puzzles!
*Includes Strategy Guide

Mysteries of Magic Island

Survive the dangerous Magic Island and become a Grand Magician in Mysteries of Magic Island, a fun Hidden Object game! Find the enchanted items necessary to escape the Magic Island, and return to the Great Magic School successfully. Be warned, however, many have traveled to the island, but very few have returned! Test your luck in Mysteries of Magic Island!

Secret Diaries: Florence Ashford [FINAL]

Help Florence restore her family’s fortune in Secret Diaries: Florence Ashford, a wonderful Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game! In order to pay off her father’s debt, and regain the Ashford family’s riches, Florence is off to the Marquis Henry. The Marquis is wealthy, and Florence has set off to marry him. Explore Bucklebury manor and discover the truth about the Marquis!

Mystery Trackers: The Void Collector's Edition [FINAL]

The Void family mansion used to be a gorgeous home, until Dr. Malleus Void inherited it. Legend has it that the creepy doctor spent his time doing terrible experiments in the home, and it has been abandoned for an entire decade. Return to mystery point and find razz's lost keys. After 3 world famous celebrities go missing inside the house, it’s up to the Mystery Trackers to go inside the house, and solve its mysteries once and for all in Mystery Trackers: The Void!

The Collector’s Edition includes:
*Additional gameplay
*Built in Strategy Guide
*Original soundtrack
*Concept art
*Wonderful wallpapers

Diamond Dan and the Towers of Treasure

Dragged into Archeology by his uncle, Dan decides to take matters into his own hands. He discovers ancient temples with long lost treasures and menacing traps. Dan follows the clues found in the temples which leads him on a trip across the world, bringing him ever closer to making a sensational discovery. You will help Dan navigate past the traps, collect treasure and reach the bottom of the temples where Dan can find the treasure map that leads him further on his journey. 91.04 mb

System requirements:
• Windows XP/Vista/7
• DirectX 9
• 1.6 GHz
• 1 GB RAM

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Alice Greenfingers 2

Çiftçilik oyunlarından birindeyiz yine. Türü sevenler için.

The Greenfingers family has long complained that Berry, your lazy uncle, should do something about his decayed farm.When Berry finally gives in and grabs the shovel, he gets a stiff back and immediately calls for Alice's help.Gentle and faithful as always, Alice packs her bags and sets off for a new season down at Berry's place.İndirmek için tıklayınız-Click to download

The Institute A Becky Brogan Adventure

Ekzantirik bir doktor olan Benjamin Gentle ve onun tuhaf tedavi yöntemleri Becky Broganı bu tuhaf enstitüde gerçekleri bulmaya sevk ediyor. Kayıp bir hemşireyi ararken bu enstitüde olup biten gerçeği de öğreneceksiniz.123 mb.

An eccentric doctor, Dr. Benjamin Gentle, and his unconventional treatment methods have Becky Brogan scouring the grounds of a spooky Institute! Find a missing nurse and discover exactly what took place at The Institute. Search different rooms and learn about each patient in this dark Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.123 mb

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Robin Hood

İngiltere krallığında Robin Hood rolünde oynayacağınız bu oyunda eşsiz maceralar sizi bekliyor.Şato,pazar yeri ve Sherwood ormanı gibi mekanlarda Nottingham şerifi ile gireceğiniz savaşda sevgili Marian'ın da kalbini kazanmanız gerekecek. 274 mb.

Slip into the role of valiant Robin Hood, and bring justice to the kingdom of England! Experience all of Robin's greatest adventures as you search for helpful objects in breathtaking medieval locations. Explore the castle, the marketplace, and the outlaws’ Sherwood Forest camp. Gather your merry men, fight the crafty Sheriff of Nottingham, and win the heart of lovely maiden Marian in this timeless adventure!274 mb

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I SPY Treasure Hunt BFG

Embark on an adventure to Smuggler’s Cove, a community bursting with pirate history, elusive clues and spectacular hidden treasures. Exploring the town and playing I SPY riddles cleverly reveal pieces of two mysterious treasure maps. Assemble the pieces and follow the clues on your exciting hunt to discover the unique treasures left behind by the town’s legendary pirates in I SPY Treasure Hunt, a fun Hidden Object game.

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Renovate & Relocate Boston

Help Olivia renovate her new penthouse suite and begin a career in renovation & interior design. Overcome construction issues and convert old houses into gorgeous homes by choosing all new finishes, décor and more! Go from refurbishing small homes to ocean estates and penthouse suites! Travel around Beantown and search for thousands of cleverly hidden objects! Discover your inner-designer talent in Renovate & Relocate: Boston, a fun and unique Hidden Object game!

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