Magic Encyclopedia 3: Illusions Walkthrough

Nesneler illüzyonlu ve illüzyonsuz bakışlarda bulundukları yerlerde işaretlenmiştir.
The items are marked in illusioned look and normal look both.Thanks to D@phne.



Objects to find:

-clock gear
-drapery cord

-First we have to collect the parts of some objects. Then by using this objects we will go forward
-First we begin by searching parts of a drapery cord ,clock gear and mirror.
-Use drapery cord on curtain, open it
-Take last parts of clock gear and mirror
-Make the mirror puzzle, and put the mirror to its slot on the globe.
-Repair the clock by using the gear.
-Make the clock night. So you can use the mirror as a flash lamp.
-Collect the parts of lens and key by using the light. While searching the parts go back and forward. Your light will enlarge with your movements.
-See the keyhole on the left upper part of the bookcase.
-After completing the lens, put it to its slot on the armchair and make the clock daytime. The sunlight will burn the candle .
-Take the last part of the key.
-Make the clock night, open the keyhole .


Now you are in observatory

Objects to find:

-potion for restoring illusions
-part of the telescope
-magic parchment
-potion for removing illusions
-magic wand

-collect the parts of potion. Use it on the box of tubes on the shelf. Make puzzle, take red potion. You fixed the illusions covering the room. So you can find some other pieces.
-Use magic parchment in the frame on the wall.Make the puzzle by clicking the words of spell written below the paper. If you click on a wrong word you have to start from beginning. After completing this take the magic parchment with a levitation spell(wings on it)
-Complete an other potion vizl and use again on tube box. Make blue potion puzzle. Click on blue vial, put your magic parchment to frame again. Now you have a key parchment
-Click on red vial again, see the padlock on the top right of screen, use key parchment on it. Complete the missing parts of telescope. If you can’t find a piece,click on the other vial. By changing illusions complete telescope.
-Then use your wings parchment on the platform right bottom of scene, it elevates. Put the part of telescope. Look to the stars and make three zodiacal constellation . First is libra (the scales), second one pisces( the two fish) and the last one is Leo (The Lion).Click on the zodiac poster on the wall and click these three signs. Poster opens, take the last part of wand.
-Use the wand on the portal door on the floor. Make the color puzzle. Click on the same colored and shaped pieces. When all the pieces shades the door opens.


Objects to find:

-tool box

Use your bucket for taking water from the pump. By using water cool the wrwnch on the floor
-Also extinguish the fire of propeller by using water
-Use tool box on propeller in order to fix it. For this puzzle you have to make all rays in green.
-now you can use the propeller as a flash light. It shows you the missing pieces
-collect all the boards, repair the bridge.By using the handle lower the cargo.
-You have to use your tool box also on a wooden case to take the piece of handle and to fix the bridge. In order to see some pieces you must turn off the propeller.
-Then go to the deck


Objects to find

-missing part of the compass
-bell clapper
-a piece of the sail

-wet the mob in the bucket, clean the ink stain. Look at to the picture. It shows the place of magic glasses. I think we need themGo back to the library, In order to open the globe we have to find missing continents. Some in day time, some in night. After than make the world map and take glasses.
-Now magician told you about the magic academy and you have to prepare the ship for flight.
-Go back to the ship. Find the pieces of bell clapper, put it on the bell, and ring the same tones with it.
-Now there is magic sand on the deck. Collect it and use it to find hidden pieces.
-Complete the compass, sail and anchor handle. Use handle to raise up the anchor.
-Go down the ship. Use the propeller light and find scissors’ piece below the anchor.
-Cut the rope of cargo with scissors, open the chest with tool box, take the code for the locked door on the right sid
-Also cut the ropes of sand bags


Objects to find

-magic jar
-mandrake seeds
-watering can
-tobacco leaf

-take your jar on your hand and catch 10 fireflies in it. The magician says: “The light of a firefly is similar to moon light. Place the jar on one of the stands in order to remove nearby illusions.”
-By using the jar on each stand search the pieces.
-Put the tobacco leaf in grinder and make it ground tobacco. Put it to the roots of beast plant, it sneezes and take the last mandrake seed.
-By using your shovel take soil from the ground. Put the soil to the empty pot right side. Put inside mandrake seeds, take water from the pool and pour to the pot. The plant groves. Dig out by shovel. And cut its root.
-Now it is in the place of the padlock button. It is the best fuel for the flying ship
-Turn to the ship; put the mandrake root to the globe on the deck. Click on the wheel.
-You’re on your way to China.



Objects to find

-gold coins
-sun medallion
-fire symbol

Now the magic glasses are charged. You can use them whenever you need.Search the pieces with or without glasses. Give sun medallion to the lion. When he throws away the box, put the dragonfly on the box, take the last piece of fire symbol.. Use fire symbol on firecrackers in the chart. One of the firecrackers knock down the lantern.You can take two more coins from the eyes of the lion.(without glasses) and one from the lantern’s place with glasses., a marble near the lantern on the floor with glasses.Put your glasses on and give coins to the beast guard. Play 5 rounds of game., take the last marble. Put the marbles on the door. For solving this puzzle make matching colors in each row.


Objects to find

-lotus flower
-sack of sand
-emperor’s seal

Put the sack on the right end of the stick to open the gate. Put the lotus flower to its place, take a piece of paddles. Use the paddles and go to old woman’s house by boat.


-gear belt
-shuttle for the loom
-strange knife

Old woman wants you to fix her loom.
Cut the rope of the wooden box by the strange knife. Behind it take last piece of gear belt and last match.
Put the ladder to the hatch on the top right of scene. Use the strange knife as a screwdriver to open the bolts. Put the gear belt in it and pull the handle near the hatch. A door cuts the water, canal is empty now. Take the last candle. Lit them with firecracker and take the part of seal behind the shell by using the glasses.
Go back to old woman’s place. Fix the shuttle, put it on the loom. Now she wants silk thread. If she had a silk worm, she could make her own thread. You promised to bring her if you find one and left to the canal.
While canal is empty you cannot do anything and you cannot reach outside. So go back, pull the handle and let the canal fills again. Go back and wait for swimming candle holders. Use your glasses and see the blue one. Take a close look to it. It is empty. Put the candles in it and take the last piece of seal. Now your seal is ready to use. Again pull the handle and empty the channel. Use the seal on the underwater door.


Objects to find:

-spell of destruction

-First find valve and put to its place on the pipes. Under the pipes there is a jammed hatch. In order to open it use spell of destruction.
-Complete armor, helmet and spear. Give them to the three commanders. So they let you across the door.


Objects to find

-mold for a sword
- scoop with irons
-musical instrument

-Now you are talking to the emperor. In order to not to take place in war, emperor wants three gifts. Something to cheer up his general, something to fill the chamber with music and a silk cloak to cover his shoulders.
-Talk the musician, she wants a musical instrument instead of hers.
-Talk to the general. He wants a sharp sword to cheer up
-Give the instrument to musician and she gives you a sapphire
-Put the mold to the tomb right side. Put the scoop of iron on to the lava , when it melts, fill into the mold.
-Put the harness on the second horse from the left
-Go to the soldiers lounge and turn the valve only one time. Turn to the emperor’s hall. Now there is water in pool. Take water with jug. Pour the water on the iron filled mold. Take the sword and give to the general. He gives you an emerald. First ask him where you can find a silkworm and learn that, in order to find one you have to travel a well-worn path. Put sapphire and emerald on portal entrance. But you still need one more thing to activate portal.
-You can see a silk worm in the slot of padlock now. Go all 5 places inside to outside and collect 5 parts of silkworm. Give it to old woman and ask her to make a silk cloak for emperor. She makes four colors of silk threads. Then you play the game and make the patterns given , then take the cloak and give emperor. He promises not to go to war. When you ask him where the illusionist is, he gives you a diamond for portal. Put the diamond to the third place on portal entrance and go.



Objects to find:

-stone beard
-camel’s thorn
-Pharaoh’s scepters

-You first complete camel’s thorn. Put into camel’s dish. When camel goes to eat take last piece of shovel from camel’s bag
-Dig the third statue with shovel, take a piece, and all of them going to give you a piece. Go inside the Pyramid.


Objects to find:

-abacus beads
-eye of Ra
-snake charmer’s flute
-scorpion’s tail

You want to talk Anubis. But the ancient god wants you to fix his abacus.
-First you complete scorpion’s tail. Put it on the wooden case and take the hand shaped column symbol. Put it on the first column from the right. It raises
-Then complete ankh. Put it on Pharaoh’s grave. take second column sign.
-Use snake charmer’s flute on snake. Take third sign.
Now you stucked. go to the next tomb


Objects to find

-archeology brushes
-cat’s head

First the collar completed. Put it on the cat statue without collar, take bellow part. Use bellows on fire take ashes. Put ashes to the second column from the left,take brush from goddess’s plate. Clean the picture on wall. Make puzzle, take cat’s head. Put it to the headless cat. Now go to first tomb and look with glasses.
Take 4 beadles of abacus. Put into the abacus on the right wall. A door opens.


Objects to find:


-You need key for the hall of Anubis. The animal has the key but he asks you a riddle. “It’s as solid as a rock and as milky as moonstone”
-Feather to bird, sword to Anubis statue, there is a spotted place on the ground now. Dig with hoe, turtle to coconut tree, use turtle game, take coconut, give it to key keeper, take key.


Objects to find


-Peacock is hungry-give it grapes
-alligator is angry and there is a stick in its mouth, take it with tweezers
-Jugs head is narrow, break it with hammer
-last tile piece has given by peacock. And take a close look to peacock and see the order of tiles.
-At last search parts of scarab everywhere in Egypt, and go to portal



Objects to find:

-sea urchin
-fishing rod
-fish skeleton

-there is a recipe on the sands. Fish skeleton-sea urchin and sea weed, boils in a cauldron and this potion makes you breathable under water. Take fishing rod and catch red fishes. Give some fish to pigeon, it flies and you can take last piece of fish skeleton. Put the cage on crab and take sea weed. Also give some fish to the dolphin and take wood. Put wood to fir, water boils, put the ingredients of recipe. Go underwater.


Objects to find:

-seashell necklace

You are learning that the Illusionist captured Poseidon. Mermaid wants her necklace to help us.
-Complete necklace and give to mermaid, she goes left
-complete pickaxe, break the statue on the right side, take last part of knife under it
-cut the rope of wooden case with knife, case goes up
-when complete it, tie nautilus to the rope of rock , rock goes up and the cave entrance is open.
-Left hacksaw incomplete and get into the cave.


Objects to find

-rubber glove

-First complete the harpoon and kill shark with it, take last piece of corkscrew
-Open the cork with corkscrew, jellyfish goes
-take brushes last piece under the fish puzzle, clean the puzzle by using it and play the game
-Take clouds last piece and complete it
-The door opens a little bit. See and take last piece of rubber glove. Touch to the stingray with gloves, it throws out electricity and door opens completely


Objects to find:

-fishing net
-heavy stones

-First you complete the fishing net. Catch sea fish with it and complete the lantern
-Put lantern to the eye of fish skeleton, see inside, take last piece of bucket
-Hang bucket to the hook, and see the last black pearl in the light coming inside the skeleton.
-Put pearls inside the oyster and take last stone
-put heavy stones inside the bucket, case goes somewhere. Go to 2 scenes back, where we search for hacksaw. Yes the case is there and also last piece of hacksaw.
-Cut the bars of hatch on the floor with hacksaw. Go down


Objects to find:

-crown jewels

-Poseidon says that he has lost his power and the Illusionist now rules his army. In order to rescue him you have to open the cursed chains somehow.
-First complete the knife, and rescue the starfish with knife. Take last piece of inkpot.
-Give inkpot to squid, it goes away but remains ink instead. Look with glasses and see three symbols. They are also on the diagram on the wall. Click on the diagram to these three symbols. You’ll find a sliding puzzle. When you complete it, take the last piece of axe
-Break the boards of the boat by using axe. Take crown jewel
-put the jewels on Poseidon’s crown and he will give you the other part of grindstone
-Sharpen the knife with grindstone and cut mushroom.
-Give mushroom to Atlas, he grows and take two pieces of key. Open Poseidon’s chains.
-He is going to tell you that the Illusionist throw away his Tridents parts all over the undersea world. You have to find and charge the trident.
-Collect 5 parts of trident, go to the cave, touch to stingray with trident, now it’s charged. Go and give it to Poseidon.



Objects to find:

-ice spell
-hay bomb
-unlit torch
-part of the catapult

Put the part of catapult to its place, now it’s ready to fire. Complete hay bomb in it. Complete ice spell and apply to the river, now you can go across the river.


Objects to find:

-windmill blade
-spray bottle

-First tie the kite to the hook on floor. Take last piece of spray bottle
-Fill the spray bottle with kerosene from the barrel and spray on gorilla, it will grow up
-Take parts of knife and rake.
-Clean the leaves with rake, take windmill blade part.
-Put the blade to its place, it turns. Makes wind and kite begins to burn. Cut the kite rope by knife, go back to the other side of river.
-Kite is there and still burning. Lit the torch with it. Melt the tree with torch. Take telescope part.
-Look from the telescope and make puzzle
- When puzzle completes find the numbers in it and learn the coordinates of ice beast
-Shot it with burning hay bomb and it melts
-Go there, take the water of melted beast into the spray bottle, spray it on gorilla, and beat it


Objects to find:

-bow and arrows
-magic cards
-cannon balls
-knot spell
-magic gun powder

-Complete all the cannon balls and put beside the cannon,
-Complete cards, make puzzle, take unicorn card, put on the shield ,it breaks
-look there with glasses, take last piece of gunpowder
-put on the cannon, shot the knight
-complete the bow and arrows, shot the rock on the window
-Take last piece of spell
-By using arrows shot the rope, it opens, click on it with spell, now there are knots on it. You can get inside the academy


Objects to find:

-false teeth
-chicken and apples

-Put twigs on broom, wipe the floor with broom and take last piece of glue
-First fix the chair then fix the antler of the moose with glue
-Give the dentures to green beast, take table and give to food to him also
-take last piece of painting, make puzzle and go to the other room


Objects to find

-mirror of truth
-3 keys to unlock the masters

Complete the mirror, put into frame. While the Illusionists is in the same shape with mirror, break the mirror with hammer. Make this three times. Take all pieces of keys. The first key is complete. Release the third master. Take key piece, release the second master, take key piece, and release the first master. While they are fighting with the illusionist collect five pieces of book, give to the masters and you saved the Academy.

Thank you for playing with us.
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