The Tarot's Misfortune Walkthrough

walkthrough by D@phne.
teşekkürler d@phne.


After finding all the objects we have a box of matches, a broom, a chicken claw, a marble and a metal bar in our inventory. In order to take the jail key, click to the door, then put the broom down and metal bar up, chicken claw to end point of the broom, marble on the metal bar. Your mechanism is ready. Marble rolls down, and it blows the things on the shelf, the key rolls to chicken claw. We are out now.

While searching jail entrance we found a card, search for 5 differences. After making this, it gives us a tip: “by boiling water in the kettle you will find the secret combination”. There is a key and a matchbox in our inventory. Go to the jailer’s office. Use the keys on drawer, take kettle. Put it on the stove. Lit the stove by using matches. While water in the kettle boils, you can see some numbers on the wall. 27531. Go back to the jail entrance. Use the code on the door. Go outside


Now we are in jail exterior. Find all the items except gear. We can’t find it at the moment. Go to the left, farm exterior. There is a tip here:”move the horse away from the ladder to find a way into the hayloft”. Go to the stables. Take two gears here. After finding the carrots put in the basin. Horse will move to eat them. Now the way to the hayloft is open.

Use the candle lantern on the straw on the right side of scene. When it burns, take wrench and third gear. Go to the farm exterior, use the wrench on box and take fourth gear and crank.

Go to the jail exterior. Use the crank on well take fifth gear. Put the gears to door mechanism. Now you can go to the east town.


From the east town walk to the center town. There find cinder block, a cup glyph, a pentacle glyph. We played the game for 5 differences. The tip is “destroy the barrels to find what’s missing” Go to the north town. There are two doors. Girl says that the door is barred. In order to open it, we must find the parts of the crest on it.

Now we have also sword glyph, smiling moon, smiling sun and hammer.

Take hammer ,go back to east town . Break two of barrels. Take Phoenix and sword.

Go back to the north town, put all items on the door and go inside.


We take a hammer and lotus flower from the mansion exterior

In mansion entrance there is a huge plant blocking the way

In mansion kitchen there is a recipe on the wall:

1-freshcut mushrooms

2-a jar of moonshine

3-lotus flower

4-a lock of hair

5-the silk from a spider’s web.

Go to mansion yard; take the nail from the chest by using the hammer

A tip from the 5 differences: “the magical brew in the kitchen will clear the way upstairs. Use the recipe on the wall to create it”

Go back to mansion entrance, use nail on the hole over the painting. When painting risen, take the key and spider web.

Go back to kitchen, open the closet by using the key, take green button and a jug of moonshine.

Go inside, child room and put the green button to the box on the bed. Take a locket of hair.

Now we have all pieces of the recipe. Put the items on the list to the cauldron according to the order of list. The solution in the cauldron becomes blue, and a blue light goes to the mansion entrance. Go there, and the blue light cleared the path. Now you can go to the Mansion Den.


In mansion den we take 4 tang ram pieces and a moon plate. And from the game 5 differences we take a tip: “look outside for more tan grams hidden in pillars and on bricks”

We have to go outside.

In the north town we put the moon plate on orphanage door, we can go inside. There we find 4 more tan gram pieces. Then we use them on the door. And we get in orphanage lunchroom


Take potato sack and shovel from the orphanage lunchroom

Go to orphanage playground. Use potato sack on teeterboard and take one of the items (pipe I guess), and use the shovel on sand pile and take Saturn. And there is a tip: “the magical door knocker that allows entry to the headmaster’s room is missing. Find it to open the door.”

Go to the bunker house; use Saturn the planet mechanism on the ceiling. It rises and you can take the door knob.

Use the door knob for enter passing to headmaster’s office.


We found two rusty pipes and a lamp in headmaster’s office

In the town center there is a new tip “Lower the bridge by placing the pipes in the Piston Box”

All of the doors are locked now. But I put the lamp to the entrance of west town and I went there. I found two more pipes and put on the piston box. Now the bridge lowered. The road to the dock gate is open now.


Use the door knob taken from dock gate on the door in the boat , take knife. Use knife to cut the rope of the wooden chest. It falls down, breaks. Take the compass. We collect 8 pieces of shards. We read about it on the tip: “Find the shards scattered around the docks to unlock the path to South town”

We will go to south town.

Use ornate stone shards on the round place over the south town door, and the door opens.


Now we are in south town. There is a tip: “The panda bear hides a secret card”

We take two pieces of wooden planks. We move to forest entrance. The magician has destroyed the bridge. We’ll need to find missing pieces and repair it.

At that moment I have to make an important notice: Never go to back to town center from south town. If make this, the south town door is locking and you can not pass again.

We take third wooden plank from the forest entrance. After completing all the items, put the planks on the ruined bridge, and now it repairs. Go to the oak tree.


The magician has removed the enchanted stones that kept the oak tree in check. The roots of tree are blocking the path. So you have you find stones and put them in the tree for passing the path.

In the oak tree we took a tool box key and bear stone.

We went to the fort ruins. The cellar doors are also blocked by the oak tree roots.

We put the bear stone on its place, the roots in bear’s den disappears.

In bear’s den we found a tip : “To unblock your path, move the cart out of the way”

We took a cellar key and gem with camp insignia. We used it on oak tree and went to forest camp. Now there are no roots. So we can open the toolbox by using the key. We took gem with fort insignia. Used it on oak tree. There are no roots in fort ruins, either. We use the cellar key and take a wheel from the cellar.

Come back to the forest camp, put the wheel on cart, it moves, let’s go to the mine mouth.


In the mine mouth there is a tip again: “place each key with the like colored lock on the door near the Hermit’s room to face your final challenge.”

From the messy cart we took cloud key, sun key and a broom and dustpan.

We went to hermit’s room. Use the broom and dustpan on the spider web and take clover key.

We also take water key and a staff.

Go outside to the mine mouth. Use the staff on mining car. Take the heart key and spider key.

Put all the keys to the locks on the door at hermit’s room according to their colors. Now the path to the dig site has cleared.


In the dig site there are enchanted people. And after finding the items magician offers us a game. If we win he will set free the villagers, if he wins, he is going to enchant us too.

We are playing a card game. We have to find magicians card in three cards first, four cards second and five cards third time. After this game it finishes. Thank you for playing with us.
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