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Watch Lane: Begin by taking the map piece from the road.
• There is a glowing car across the road. Find the hiding items on it and take crest tile.
• Put it on the door and make the puzzle or skip
• Get inside the police station
• Take whistle from message board
• Complete the map on the wall and take it. Now you can use it for changing place

When you go outside, car is glowing again. Find items, take fire bellows.

Go to Lime Wharf: (by using the map)
• Search the twinkling zone, take cannon ball.
• Take pipe from the left of the scene, on the net.
• There is something shining in the water, but we can’t take it yet.
• Go up from the stairs
• There is a dove in nest. Blow the whistle to it. It flies away. Take egg and stone.
• Break the glass of window at the right side with stone. Take job poster.
• There is a basket hanging over left side of the building. Put the cannon ball inside it. Basket comes down, the door to the workshop opens. Go inside
• Take lump of coal from the basket, left side of entry.
• Take rag from the table
• Put the coal to fireplace and use fire bellows to start fire.
• Now there is a twinkling place. Find items, take sailor’s hat.
We found all the evidences for this case. Make the picture puzzle.


There are two new places on the map.
Baker’s Court:
• Look to the twinkling counter. Find items, take the matches.
• Take a penny inside the sugar bowl
• Take the mug in front of the fireplace

Go to Piccadilly Square:
• Look to the twinkling place. Find items, take scissors.
• Take the chalk from the table left side.
• Take umbrella from right side of the curtain door
• There is a male mannequin right side. Open its pocket by scissors, take part of rose ornament.
• There is a lamb needs to shave. But we have to find a razor.
• Go outside, take the fan from the garden seat
• Go forward. There is a basin on the right side of door. Empty the water by using mug., take the door handle, open the garden door.
• Look to the twinkling place. Find items, take another penny.

Go to the Watch Lane:
• Take third penny from the armchair, on the newspaper.
• Take the street lamp on floor
• There is nothing to do here for now

Go again Baker’s Court:
• There is a message board outside. Very dark. Put the street lamp there and lit with matches.
• Find the items, take the other part of rose emblem
• Go inside, paint the cash register by chalk, clean with rag, and put 3 pennies.
• Make the puzzle or skip it. All numbers will be on the same dimensioned object.(i.e. 1 for line, 2 for two dots, 3 for triangle etc.) Afterwards take wedding invitation.

Go Piccadilly Square
• Put the rose emblem parts to the stone rose, left side of the door.
• Make puzzle (none of the hands will be over another. like a clock.) Take the purse

This case is done. Make the picture puzzle.


• The statue in the garden is twinkling again. Find items, take fish.

Go to the Lime Wharf
• Give the fish to the cat, take the lens of fallen spyglass
• Go upstairs, get in the shop, There is a twinkling place, find items, take wig.

Go to the Junk Street
• Put lens to the magnifier.
• Now the table is twinkling. Find items, take the book
• Take a part of pirate flag by scissors
• Put the book to the shelf at the right side
• Take the cross from the toy box
• Go outside, take the scoop from garbage
• Clean the glass of Junk Shop with rag. Glass begins to twinkle. Take fishing rod

Go again Lime Wharf
• Use the fishing rod from taking the priest rob from the sea
• Also take the ladder , near the wall under the cat

First go to the Bell Tower
• Put the ladder to the left side window
• Cut the leaves with scissors, find items, take the second book

Go to the Junk Street
• Put the second book to the shelf, near the other one.
• Solve the puzzle
• Some books fall down, take incense

Go to the Bell Tower
• Put the incense to the censer
• Lit by the match and door opens, get in.
• There are three active spots. First is prayer cabinet. Find items, take the organ keys
• Second active spot is organ. Put the organ keys to their place,click,it plays ,take the red altar candle
• Third spot is the altar. Put the third candle its place. Play the game. Take the hip flask

Make the picture puzzle, the case is done.


Now there are new places on the map.
I began with Reagent Row
• Go inside the grocery
• Shelves are twinkling. Take the skull
• Solve the puzzle on the right side of shelves, take life blood
• Now use the scale, put the skull on “death case” and life blood on “life case”. Then take boutonniere.

Fleet Street
• Take the wheel

Guttersnipe Alley
• Use the wheel on wheelbarrow and take it.

Junk Street
• Table is twinkling, take lock pick

Fleet Street
• Open coffee car with lock pick. Car begins to twinkle, Take milk

Guttersnipe Alley
• Use lock pick on the chest at right, take peanuts
• Get inside, put in the mortar, make peanut butter

Piccadilly Square
• Find items from twinkling place, take needle and thread
• Put the cloth on table at left ,sew by using thread and needle, make a bag

Baker’s Court
• Take slice of pie

Reagent Row
• Take a crunch near the house

Guttersnipe Alley
• Open the tent with crunch
• Find the items, take a boot
• Throw the boot to the beehive above the door. It falls down, put it into the bag you sew
• Get inside
• Find items and take mouse trap
• There is a milk bucket across the room. Pour the milk in it; frog comes top of the milk. Take it.
• Look into the bucket. Frog shaked the milk and make butter. Take butter with scoop
• There is a thorn teddy bear near the bed. We have to repair it. But not yet.

Go Reagent Row
• Put the mouse trap in front of the hole. Put peanut butter in it. Take the naval medal

Make picture puzzle. Case completed.


Continue searching Reagent Row.
• Get inside, the shelf is twinkling, take rolling pin

Junk Street
• Junk shop’s glass is twinkling. Take barbershop pole.

Fleet Street
• Put barbershop pole to the door. We need three keys to open it.
Lime Wharf
• Tents are twinkling, take mystery meat

Mr. Fogg’s Asylum
• Car is twinkling, take drinking glass.
Baker’s Court
• Message board is twinkling, take service bell
• Go inside, put the service bell on the left counter and ring it.
• At the left there is a service elevator. According to paper put egg, meat, butter
• Pull the arm, ring the bell again, there is a pie and “help” writes on elevator.

Bell Tower
• Window is twinkling, take door knocker

Mr. Fogg’s Asylum
• Put the door knob
• Play the game, door opens.
• Go inside, take screwdriver
• Use the screwdriver on the wall right side of the steps, take a brick
Reagent Row
• Put the brick into the mortar, ground it. It’s now lime plaster.

Go to the Baker’s Court
• Pour lime paste to ground in front of the shop where you see three key images
• Pour water on it. Use fan to dry it and take 3 keys

Go Fleet’s Street
• Use the keys on door.
• Play the game. In the close scene, there are numbers on colors. Numbers show how many times you have to turn a key. Order is up to down.
• Now you can get in. Mirror table is twinkling
• Take razor
• Take Mr. Fogg’s business card from the barber’s chair.
• There is a drawer in front of the window. Open it with screw driver. Take poison bottle

Go Baker’s Court
• Cut the pie with razor
• Take the locket

Make picture puzzle. Case complete


Go Piccadilly Square
• Shave the lamb with the razor
• Take its wool

Go Mr. Fogg’s Asyleum
• Door is twinkling, take skull key

Go Watch Lane
• Take the rubbish in front of the door with wheel barrow
• Door is locked.

Go Guttersnipe Alley
• Take clothespin
• Put the wool to teddy bear, it’s brand new now. Take it.

Go Fleet Street
• Coffee car is active again. Take oil can
• Get inside
• Mirror is twinkling, take shaving brush

Go Junk Street
• Oil the helmet with oil can and take two bolts
• Open the helmet. Take two blue marbles from eyeholes

Go Reagent Row
• Immerse the shaving brush in green acid bottle and take back

Go Fleet Street
• Clean the skull shape on the door with the acid. Put the marbles to eye sockets. Now there is a key hole. Use skull key.
• Play the game or skip
• Door opened. Put teddy bear in bear trap. Go upstairs
• There is a game in the chest at left. Play or skip, now it’s twinkling. Take sewer key.
• Wardrobe is twinkling also. Take walking cane
• Go downstairs
• Open the hatch by walking cane. Take apron

Go Watch Lane
• Open the door with sewer key
• Get inside
• Look twinkling corner, take valve
• Take a wrench from the box
• There is a pipe system at the right. Put the valve and turn it over. Way is open now.
• Go across the passage, look twinkling table, take gloves.
• Take shackles on the floor.
• Look to big pipes across, use bolts on it and tighten with wrench
• Play the game or skip
• Now open the valve with gloves
• Take meat cleaver
• There are sacks on the floor at right side
• Tear them with razor
• Take goggles

Make last picture puzzle. Watch Sweeney’s crime.
There is a last game. Play it and catch Sweeney or skip.
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