Natalie Brooks - The Treasures of the Lost Kingdom

Famous teenage detective Natalie Brooks is back in an all-new adventure that will thrill players of the original and win new fans! This time through, the plot is more thrilling, the gameplay more exciting and the puzzles more challenging. In addition, the quest is nearly twice as long and includes several exhilarating mini-games.

Sevimli dedektifimiz Natalie ve kardeşi Geoffrey yeni maceralarında bir gizemi keşfetmiş olan bübükbabalarını kurtarmaya çalışırken,bizi de güzel gizli nesne bulma oyunları ve bulmacalarla bir araya getiriyorlar.Dosyanız 92 MB

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11 Şubat 2009 21:15

Chapter 1: The Kidnapping

Part 1
1. follow the tutorial in the first room
2. click the glass display case on the fireplace
3. use the key on the display case
4. click the figure called TAYOVA
5. follow the journals instructions to complete the puzzle
6. click the cell phone and read the message
7. accept the phone call

Part 2

1. give the rusty key to Geoffrey
2. find the rag and magnifying glass and give them to Geoffrey
3. rub the rag on the key to reveal a code: AL-B181 find the hidden objects
4. take the letter off the ladder and read it
5. click on the suitcase
6. find the symbols hidden around the library
7. click on the suitcase again and pick the right symbols according to the chart

Chapter 2: The Investigation

Part 1

1. click the magazine
2. click the dresser drawer
3. click the dirt on the right side
4. click the x and then click the drawer again
5. use the key in the keyhole and read the diary then take the shiv
7. click the bed and then the bed leg use the shiv on the bolt on the leg and take the key
9. take the bed leg click the air grate and use the shiv on the bolts
10. take the hammer and it on the loose brick in the wall
11. hold down your left mouse button, when the line is in the green area the hammer will break a rock, if it's in the red area it will hit above/below the brick
12. use the bed leg on the valve
13. click on the toilet tank and pull the handle and take the key
14. turn on the water faucet and wait for the steam to reveal some symbols
15. use the shiv on the poster and click the safe
17. put the keys in the safe locks then using the symbols on the mirror turn the dial in the correct order correct order: top left, top right, bottom right, bottom left
18. find the gear pieces hidden around the room
Part 2

1. take the cup of tea and use it on the unconscious man
2. click behind the man on the bell mechanism and find all the bells
3. place the bells on the mechanism and take the knife and use it on the man
4. use the key on the toolbox and take the wrench, oiler, and
5. pliers pull the lever to lower the stairs then use the oiler on the stairs and take the cylinder above
6. zoom in the Hainz Block and use the pliers to remove the wire around the handle
7. place the gear in the box and the cylinder below where you can see one missing
8. use the wire to get the whistle which you need to hand to the man to scare off the birds
9. go back to the Hainz Block and pull the handle
10. you will get a simon says like puzzle, watch the cylinders turn and then repeat the order
11. take the skull image and read the letter

Chapter 3 - The Robbery

Part 1

1. pick up the flashlight in front of the middle seat and use it to find the panel (behind the far right seat) find the hidden objects
2. under the teddy bear is the missing trigger, place in the panel and flip it
3. click on the waste can and take the pliers
4. pick up the brick in front of the far left seat
5. use the pliers on the locker on the left, click them to cut the wire
6. inside the locker take the duster and click the blue book to read the station codes
7. write down the station code for the West Station: 963587
8. click on the terminal and enter the station code
9. use the brick to break the window on the drivers cabin
10. use the duster on the drivers cabin to open the door
11. take the keys off the dash and use them on the locker on the right
12. take the lever and the crowbar from the locker
13. click on the railway barrier and use the crowbar to remove the chains the raise the lever
14. click the drivers cabin and place the lever on the dash pull to the start position
15. click the red button and away you go
Part 2

1. zoom in on the jacket and take the personnelle card
2. use the personnelle card on the yellow box in the corner
3. click the wires to disconnect them which reveals a little door
4. click the door and put the transmitter in your inventory inside
5. click the area where the wires should be and get a puzzle
6. connect the wires by placing the green ones between nodes to make a continuous line from the top left corner to the bottom right
7. the cell door to the right will now open, read the letter on the table and write down the box and access code
8. Box WT-41, Access Code: 3231
9. find the box on the wall (its in the very center) and enter the code
10. inside the box take the power, brush, and pin
11. on the table next to the empty glass take the duct tape
12. zoom in on the empty glass and use the power, brush and duct tape on it to life the fingerprint
13. use the fingerprint on the fingerprint reader next to the vault door
14. match the fingerprints on the bottom to the ones on the reader
15. open the vault and use the pin on the lock
16. move the pin around and keep clicking the lock until you open it
17. solution: moving clockwise the pin should be at about the :40 mark
18. click the terminal, to find the password you must click random words and they will tell you how many letters, if any, in that word are in the password
19. you have four tries (four words) to identify the correct word by process of elimination
20. the easiest way to solve this is to find words that say 0/7 symbols, that means all those letters are not part of the password
21. I am not sure if this puzzle is random or not but the solution for me was the word (highlight to see): common.
22. zoom in on the box in the back and read the letter then take the two laser tube parts find all nine laser tube parts
23. click on the laser tube parts in your inventory and then click on the lasers
Chapter 4 - The Box

Part 1

1. read the piece of paper the bad guy pointed to before he left
2. click beneath the folding chair and take the scissors then read the journal entries, it mentions the fish and the code for a compartment: 3 - 1- 3
3. click on the bricks behind the sundial and take the chisels use them to move the two bricks on the left side
4. click on the area under the bricks and enter the code you found in the journal and take the button
5. click on the fish and place the eye in the socket and the button below the fishes mouth then pull the lever and get the key
6. use the scissors on the piece of paper at the bottom of the sundial find the five pieces of paper
7. click on the sundial and insert the key then rotate the sundial once to the left
8. talk to the tourist taking pictures and he will drop an item we need
9. click on the grate beside the tourist and use the chisel on it and take the part
10. click on the wall behind the tourist and insert the part and click it
11. take the star from inside and read the letter
12. put the star in the base of the sundial and click it again to get a puzzle
13. you need to rotate the puzzle in order to line all the balls up according to colors in the center
14. to do this you need to rotate the outside and line it up with a certain string and click the front ball, it will roll into outer ring leaving a spot open to move another ball into it and so on - remember you skip puzzles
15. once you've completed the puzzle you'll be able to take a box
Part 2

1. find the screwdriver and give it Geoffrey then show him the box
2. click on the podium in the back and find the item you need is locked
4. find the hidden objects click on the photo on the desk and read the note
5. click on the globe and rotate it to find Washington
6. move the ruler down so it is above washing and click the red pointer so it touches the globe and your next clue will pop up on the topsolution
7. (highlight to see): washington, octopus, elephant, tiger, shark.
8. click on the top left drawer and put the key in the machine then push the green button
9. return to the podium and take the card and look at the catalog
10. click on the locked door and use the card to unlock it then take the stamp
11. click on the box and place the stamp over the seal
12. once the kidnapper arrives and gives you the key use it on the box and get a puzzle
13. the puzzle is very simple, simply rotate the pieces on the outside and inner ring until they form a picture
14. read the map and then take the lever
15. use the lever on the mounting that is holding the chandelier up (its on the wall above the jacket)
Chapter 5 - Rescuing Grandfather

Part 1

1. click on the open locker on the left side of the door and take the funnel and keys
2. pick up the valve on the floor under the desk and put in back on the pipes (by the locker)
3. pick up the duster on the table and use it on the bucket with a hold it by the table
4. use the bucket on the barrel of oil
5. use the funnel the generator and the bucket of oil then push the red button to start it
6. click on the panel on the door and unlock it with the key then push the red button
7. after the door opens click on the bottom box and take the wrench then click on the middle box and read the note
8. click on the first aid kit on the wall and enter the code: 222
9. take the part and read the two journal entries
10. use the wrench on the pipes on the far left wall and take a close look at the mechanism
12. find all the missing parts click on the mechanism and place the parts in their proper places
13. attach the lever to the lever seat on the right side and pull it to get a periscope
14. follow the arrows to jump over the specified windows
15. the middle button takes you back to the start where you can see a red arrow and some slashes/dots on the window
16. the arrows can be hard to see but if it's pointing up and there are two slashes, go up twice and you should see the next arrow somewhere
17. the light will turn green when you are on the correct window
18. solution : U2, R3, D1, U3, R2, D2, L3, U3, L2, U2, R4, D2.
Part 2

1. talk to grandpa
2. take the screwdriver out of the wall next to grandpa
3. click on the dresser drawer and take the spool of thread, you can read the note now too but we will use it later
4. click on the waste basket and take the magnet
5. take the nails from the floor
6. combine the spool of thread with the bamboo stick behind grandpa's chair
7. the thread, bamboo, nails and magnet will automatically combine
8. click on the hatch above grandpa's head and use the "fishing rod" to retrieve the keys
9. you will need to navigate the magnet around the fans until its positioned over the keys
10. click the air duct and use the screwdriver to take of the grate and retrieve the keys
11. click on the drawer again but this time use the screwdriver on the electrical box on top and get a wire
12. click on the security system panel and then click on the area with the numbers then replace the bad wire
13. now click on the broken cabinet and take the arrows and the wheat from the eagle
14. click on the eagle over the dresser and place the arrows in the right claw and the wheat in the left claw and a keypad will appear
15. the note that was in the drawer was a clue to the number that has to be typed into the keypad (13) and take the stamp ring
16. use the ring on the box in the arm of the chair and push both buttons
17. first click on the table and take the piece of torn paper
19. find the hidden objects that match the Latin place the statues you found in their correct places on the table and take the key
20. now place the torn piece of paper with the one in the drawer
21. click on the map and click the buttons that match the colored in circles from the schematic
22. use the key on the shelf that appears where the computer was
23. open the folder, take the ticket and the letter
Chapter 6 - On The Road Again

Part 1

1. take the key from the top drawer and use it on the filing cabinet
2. you can only access one card so click it and read the instructions
3. click on the right, upper corner of the fireplace and then click on the stars
4. take the scissors off the desk and use them to cut the curtain which is underneath the wall that just hit grandpa on the head
5. open the book case and use the piece of cloth on the glass bottle (carafe)
6. use the wet cloth on grandad to revive him then click the telephone to call an ambulance
7. click on the plate on the side of the stash and Geoffrey will tall you to find a lizard and a flute/horn
8. take the fire extinguisher from the inside the bookcase and put out the fire
9. take the crowbar from the fireplace and use it on the hot ashes
10. click on the door that is revealed and take the lizard
11. click on the flute on the wall and push the buttons in the correct order, they will stay down if you are correct
12. solution (highlight to see):
13. left to right - 1, 3, 5, 4, 2. click on the stash and then
14. find the hidden items (one is inside the bookcase) place the pieces and the lizard on the stash and then click the center
15. use the key in the keyhole then give the box and the letter to Geoffrey
16. rotate the pieces of the machine with your right mouse button so the fit into the picture
Part 2

1. read the blue journal on the engineers seat and the window
2. click on the door under the seat, once to unlatch it, twice to open it and take the ramrod and the gloves
3. click to the right of the car on some pipes and see a key, use the ramrod to retrieve the key
4. use the key on the locked box on floor on the right side of the train and take the valve and the pipe
6. find the remaining pipes use the assembled pipe on the left side of the car and place the valve on the pipes above
7. call Geoffrey and the kidnapper to ask for a tool box
8. once the kidnapper brings you a toolbox take the screwdriver, lighter, and protector
9. use the screwdriver on the electrical panel on the left side and remove the burnt out protector and replace it with the new one
10. use the gloves on the furnace and then take the spade next to it
11. use the spade in on the box of coal (the one that was locked) and place it in the furnace
12. use the lighter on the coal in the furnace and check the pressure gauges
13. hit the lever on the right side to make the train go
Chapter 7 - The Treasure

Part 1

1. click the backpack beside Geoffrey and take the knife
2. use the knife to cute down the vines next to Cruz and then pick them up
3. on the right side near the other statue and to the left of Geoffrey is a piece of plate, take them and put them on the statue you just uncovered
4. a piece of wall will open to the right Geoffrey take the item inside
5. use this item as a key in the lock behind Cruz
6. use the knife on the statue to the right and take the spear
7. use the spear as a lever to lift the center piece, you'll have to click on Cruz to it to work
8. take the sun off the top and place it in the niche that appeared after you used the lock
9. click the button that appears and you will get a game
10. you need to rotate the triangles by left clicking on them so that the colors facing each other match on all sides - very easy puzzle
11. replace the belts that snap with the vines you picked up earlier
12. push the triangle button again and then collect seven gems
13. place the gems in the masks which will drain the water and you can push the lever on the elevator
Part 2

1. pick up the water bottle by the left pillar and use it on the large square by the right pillar
2. click on the picture and then
3. find the four objects place the four items in the niches on the picture of the god of death you revealed
4. take the key and click on the kerosene lamp, while still zoomed in use the dry torches on the kerosene
5. place the torches in the two walls and use the flint to light them
6. take the rope on the ground by the skeleton and be sure to read the diary
7. tie the rope around the left pillar base and rescue the bad guy
8. click on the alter and use the key to unlock a puzzle
9. you need to arrange the pieces so there is no connection between them, note they can connect at all angles - too frustrating, skip it!
10. when you are done pull out the sword
11. click on the left pillar and where the crown should be, you'll need to click Cruz to get it back if you didn't already and then place it on the left pillar
12. click on the right pillar and place the sword
13. click the doors and watch the story

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yüklemeye başlıyorum:)

1 Mart 2009 19:58

gerçektende güzel ve zevkli bir oyundu:)
teşekkürler sishyphos:)
bir solukta oynatıp bitirdim:)

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Eğlenceliydi ama çabuk bitti.. Sishypos sıradaki oyun geliyor mu?

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Teşekkürler sishypos başlıyayım yüklemeye. Aslında oyunlarda seçici olduğum için hızım fazla gibi görünüyor. En iyisi ben ayrım yapmadan tüm oyunları bitireyim böylece siz de soluklanın :)

Emeğine teşekkürler...

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